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Ramblings of a Husky Girl: Enjoy.

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Thoughts on the OSU game tomorrow and an Arizona preview on Thursday. But for now, lets just relive this fun moment aka the immaculate interception.

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Ramblings of a Husky Girl: Random Thoughts of the Week

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, that was a miserable, ugly game. The defense did not make the plays they were supposed to make. The offense went away from the wonderful schemes we saw at SC and were held to a measly 14 points. We were missing a couple of key players and Jake looked lost. To add injury to insult, the rain was miserable and water-resistant does not actually mean water proof.

Lots of talk in Husky Nation this week. Here are some thoughts…..

On Jake Locker: This guy took a lot of heat this week, not only did his draft status go down, but many have demanded his benching in favor of Keith Price. My response to that is…Are you freaking kidding me?

Does everyone so quickly forget Cody Pickett? During his senior year he was obviously not playing par to his record setting junior year, and people were wondering why. Some wondered if a back-up could have done better. Then during a night game versus Oregon (One of my favorite games I’ve attended), Pickett gets hit and leaves the game early. Casey Paus comes in, runs the offense like he knows what he’s doing; throws two touchdown passes and his backs run for two more.

Coaches kept played Cody the rest of the season, but many were calling for Casey Paus to come in and relieve him, hoping that would give us an advantage or some more wins (last two games of the year were losses to UA and Cal). Come the end of the year, it is finally explained that he has a torn pectoral muscle and wasn’t playing at 100% for most of the year. After an off season of wondering why our back ups did not play, it was definitely revealed during the fiasco that was the next season.  

Jake was not where he was during the SC game (bruised thigh and flu), but he will start for the rest of the season. The coaches will play the best QB and that is Jake.  

PAC 12: Athletic Directors voted splitting the North and South divisions. The north division would consist of UW, WSU, OU, OSU, Cal, and Stanford. Southern division would be USC, UCLA, UA, ASU, Utah and Colorado. Every team would play the other five teams in their division, four from the rest of the conference on rotation and three out of conference teams.

Of course, this was all done to bring more money into the conference, but I cannot see many people that are very happy about it. Everyone in the northern division is pissed about being separated from the LA schools. Playing in LA gives exposure to schools that recruits would have not seen play and play on a national stage. The solution to this is rotating the schedule so that we play at least one LA school 4 out of every 6 years.

However, USC doesn’t like that either because it breaks traditional rivalries that they have with the other Cal schools. They want to play both northern Cal schools every year, thus leaving Washington and our other northern schools to not play in LA as often.

Basically, this sucks. Whatever happens, unless the presidents do something drastic when they vote later this month, we are going to lose LA schools. What does that mean in the long tern? Not exactly sure. I do feel as though the northern division will be a little more competitive than the southern. Conference championship should be fun.

On playing OSU: It’s make or break time for the team. We are at the sixth game of the year and still need to win four of them to get to a bowl. I think they pull it out, play like a team, come up big and win by 4.

Go Dawgs.

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Ramblings of a Husky Girl: Keys to ASU

October 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Wow. The USC game was incredible!! As a fan, that’s the kind of game that stresses you out during the game, reduces you to jumping to up and down in front of the television and screaming obscenities and then leaves you lying on the floor exhausted, happy with the memories that carry you through the off season.

I’ve watched it several times in the last couple days. (Unfortunately for me, the TV did not record the last nine minutes of the football game. There, it’s officially proven that women should not operate the remote control.) What I saw was a startling amount of difference between the ‘Cuse and the USC wins, which highlight some key factors to winning versus ASU.

Offensive Team Play: Overall, the offense played better as whole; there was cohesiveness and communication. One example was during the last touchdown drive. As Jake was standing in the collapsing pocket, Cody Bruns came away from his route to get to the first down marker and make a big catch. He knew his QB was in trouble and put himself in a spot where he could make the play and get the first down. I think Sark’s game plan was spot on: start fast, get the offense comfortable and let them play their game.

Key to ASU: Wide receivers and the O-line. We saw a lot of big plays by the wide receivers, but they need to remember the 5-10 yard plays as well. Eight dropped passes in unacceptable. Catch the ball first, and then run. The O-line also needs to find a way to move the pocket while minimizing the risk of Vontaze Burfict getting into our backfield. If I were a betting person, I’d put money down that Tolar decks him sometime during the game when Burfict takes a cheap shot on Jake during the game.

Improved Special Teams: Remember the days when we stepped up to take a field goal kick; the stadium would let out a collective groan because we all knew it was going to be bad? Those days are gone. I love Erik Folk. What a great performance. If someone does make a “Folk Yeah” t-shirt, I will definitely be purchasing one.

The real question about special teams was the punting squad. It was real messy versus Syracuse. Missed tackles, break down in coverage; this was a big question mark for me. They did fine against USC, but it helps when we only have to punt once. Kiel Rasp, a walk on, is ranked number 12 for his performance so far this year.

Key to ASU: ASU has two blocked punts on the year. The protection needs to be there from the Dawgs, as well as some hang time from Rasp so the players have time to get into position and make big tackles.

What’s the word I’m looking for? Beat-them-down-ness: I think the USC team just got tired at the end of the game. With fewer scholarship players than most teams, they don’t have the personnel to rotate in and out of the game, nor do they have live tackling in practice because they can’t risk their scholarship players getting hurt. On top of that, when the other team pieces together some long drives, the defense gets beat down. Versus Syracuse, we had some good drives and then big plays which messed with their defenses’ collective brain.

Key to ASU: As much as we say Washington is a young team, ASU is pretty young too. They only have five returning starters from their defense last year. I think that if we jump start early with our offense, we will have a good chance to make them miss.

And as always, Jake Locker: I wish it wasn’t this way, but when Jake has a big game, the team has a big game. Sark’s game plan for him last week was great. Keep it up!

Vegas has picked Washington to win by 1.5. I’m thinking and hoping and praying that we use this spotlight and win by 10.

Go Dawgs!

Ramblings of a Husky Girl: Winning is a Culture

October 1, 2010 Leave a comment

“I really don’t like SC, deep down, through and through. It always seemed like they had more fun. They had a lot of fun and they won a lot of games.” Roy Lewis, graduated in ’08 (Year three of the Ty error).

I feel like there’s still some lingering bitterness here. When Ty came to UW as a clean up coach, not to win football games, the excuse was that when the scandals stopped, when the team was controlled and beat down, when there was nothing more in the media, we would win football games…… Yeah right. We were sold an idea that had no logic to it at all!

I don’t like discussing that era of Husky football. I almost have it blanked completely out of my mind. Thank God I turned 21 and discovered alcohol during that that time. But it is crucial to understanding why our team is the way that it is.

The players that graduated in the last couple years were far enough removed from the Rose Bowl victory that it is irrelevant to them. They didn’t get to have winning seasons every year or bowl victories to look back on. They are remembered for Apple Cup losses and losing seasons and the dreaded 0-12 season. They were dissed by the media and their dearest fans and some of them didn’t get their scholarships renewed by the coach who was supposedly “molding young men.”

But Sark has had two years now. He’s supposed to have changed the culture. We have a Heisman quarterback. Why isn’t our team winning more?


Sure, you see these teams that have had great success that weren’t traditionally good football teams. Take Florida for instance. Sure, they have a fine start this year, but do we think they are going to have the same kind of sustainable success without Tebow? I’m guessing not. Do we think Nevada is going to sustain this nice little run they are having this year? I’m not betting on it. On the other hand, USC lost a ton of scholarships, but they still look like winners. Their players want to stay there, even with no bowl coming at the end of the year. Alabama was down for a couple years, and now they are back winning again. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas all those big names we hear all the time have down years, but always bounce back to the national spotlight.

I think since the last minute loss at Michigan in ’02, or maybe it was the loss of a 21 point lead in the Holiday bowl versus Texas; regardless we have been on a downward spiral. We didn’t collapse and lose it all right away, because the players on those teams knew what winning was like.

But take that, mix in some bad coaching and developing, bad recruiting (what coach only brings in one OL? That’s crazy!!), and some really tough schedules and viola! You have a team that won zero games in ‘08.

That’s why they say a coach needs 4-5 years to see how he will succeed. In these times, no one (except TY) will be given that. However, what Sark is doing is awesome. He is bringing in quality kids that know how to win. He is developing the players that are here and letting them win games. He is making Husky fans excited to be Husky fans again. He is allowing the media into practices so they can talk football and not have to try to dig up scandals. He gave us all some really great memories in beating SC last year.

Is he the best coach in the NCAA right now? Is he the next Dawgfather? It remains to be seen. But, I do think he’s the right man for the job, at least for now.

I’m excited. I think the team is going to rebound. I think they are so pissed off with themselves that they are going to fight their hardest to beat USC. They have a chip on their collective shoulder and are going to prove that they can be the winners we expect them to be.

Go Dawgs.

No More Coogin’ It…

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

In honor of the first game tomorrow, I will be sitting in the general vicinity of the television today and watching some of my favorite old Husky games, starting with the 1985 Rose Bowl verses the Sooners, and probably ending somewhere versus Syracuse in 2007.

As I am watching these, I believe that there is one big key to winning this season—not losing. And by not losing, I mean not out-right cooging it.

I believe that this team is going to be special. A fifth year senior not declaring for the draft, even with a first round all but guaranteed, to come back to his 5-7 team says something. I think these guys are tired of losing, tired of being picked on by the media, tired of the stench of TW, and tired of not living up to their potential and the name of Washington.

Here’s what we need to do…

1. Not create stupid penalties. Though the call on Locker vs. BYU was questionable sometimes that’s the difference between a loss and win. Don’t even give the refs the ability to take the game away.

2. Tackle well and don’t underestimate your opponent. THREE defenders went after the AZ player, and none of them tackled. Fundamentals are important!

3. Play until the very last second is off the clock. Arizona State broke my heart last year. I was miserable all night sitting in that humid 100 degree at 7:30 at night. It hardly cooled down, but watching a Husky game was worth it and a tie that was going to go into overtime was even better. Then, I was miserable again.

4. Don’t accidentally create an Oregon football program. Oregon wasn’t a team until this happened.

Heres to a 12-0 record and a Rose Bowl!

Go Dawgs.

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The Whammy in Miami

August 21, 2010 Leave a comment

This has been and probably always will be my favorite game.

Anyone who watched the highlights that were posted a couple days ago can see that it was a great game with big plays on Washington’s part; but my love for it goes so much deeper than that.

This Washington team was going through some hard times. It was Lambo’s second year as head coach and the second year of sanctions.  Because of the sanctions there were fewer scholarships available and no bowl game to look forward to at the end of the year.  But this team kept going. Going into that Miami stadium, in that awful September heat, wasn’t going to be easy. The ‘Canes had not lost a game at home in nearly a decade and both teams were looking for a win to settle the 1991 National Championship debate.

Washington marched in there with their heads up. The first part of the game, you can just see the Miami players prancing around, thinking that victory over the Dawgs was assured. But a hit from Lawyer Milloy changed that. Seeming out of nowhere, Milloy ran through a seam on a goal line stand and wrapped up the ball carrier as soon as he grabbed the ball.

Throughout the game, the defense was all over that Miami O. The Dawgs offence, led by the first Huard brother made some big plays and the combination of the two launched them to a HUGE win.  At the end of the game, Hoffmann grabbed the head stone on which Miami recorded the score of their home victories with Washington already inscribed on it, and took it. It now resides at the Husky Hall of Fame.

 What makes this game special to me is four-fold

  1. They made the big plays. That highlight reel could have been a lot longer. The big hits, the fumble recoveries, interceptions, break away screen plays, the list goes on. These plays are the reason I’ve watched this game over and over again. Everything is just exciting. It was a hard fought game with exciting players.
  2. The team never gave up. It would have been a whole lot easier to give up being down at the half, especially to a team they were not expected to beat. But they stayed competitive. They wanted the W. How many times in the past couple years have seen the team just give up? Way more than I ever want to see again. Lambo may have not been the best coach, but winning was part of the culture and they did not want to lose this game.
  3. They were well conditioned. Towards the end of the game, our boys are jumping around, cheering on their team. Miami is sitting down, resting and looking worse for the wear (part of that may be due to the fact that they arrogantly refused to have to air coolers, but whatever).  The story goes that each Washington team member was given a water bottle at the beginning of the week before the game. Whoever was seen without their water bottle or without it being filled was punished. Little things like that showed that they did what they needed to do to win and the team bought in.
  4. This was the very first game I watched on tape. It‘s what got me addicted to football, and the rest is history.

I can’t wait for this season to start. I think Coach Sark has the team bought into his plan. With a year of conditioning and new players, I think that they will be Pac-10 competitive again. Five wins is not acceptable for the Dawgs, but coming off a winless season, I understand. Coach is bringing in players that know how to win and hate losing just as much. No more complacency, no more lack of conditioning, no more apathy.  I plan on being at every home game; it’s going to be that good.

Go Dawgs!

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