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Bored at work thoughts for Saturday.

Will my face mirror the reaction from the close to heart attack win this Saturday or will it be more like i just put two sour War Heads in my mouth at the same time? The trend of the season is that I’ll be squinting with tears of pain and wanting to get the taste out of my mouth but can’t. How will the Dawgs avoid this? By winning. How will they do it? (ready for a John Madden answer?) Score more points then Arizona. Really? Duh. But Arizona’s D is good. Ours is just OK, coming together no doubt, but still average at best.

The night of the Beaver Belly Bust (Just came up with that) the Huskies Defense came through when needed. Now for the next four quarters it needs to mimic its self in crunch time. I am tired of loosing one winning one loosing one winning one, that’s getting drastically old for me as I’m sure it is for the rest of the Husky Nation. But for us to regain not only West Coast Dominance but National Dominance winning two in a row is crucial. Something that as we all know has not been done this year. It’s a step that must be taken. A step that hopefully will be taken.

The girls in Arizona are hot. The weather in Arizona is hot. The play of Washington’s three headed monster is really hot. Locker, Kearse, and Polk need to be flawless to pick up our second road win in the last what three years? We need Polk to carry the ball like he does with f*cking vengeance (sorry for the language but the way that kid runs the ball makes me want to “polk” my girlfriend). Locker and Kearse need to make it look like they’re just playing catch in the Wildcats back field and not like they have in a couple of games this season. Mason Foster has been a damn stud all season and I doubt that’s going to change at all this next weekend but the rest of the D needs to clone its self to his standard.

And if we don’t have any UA alumni in striped shirts this Saturday I have a sickening feeling we’ll pull this off.


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Can’t Get No… Satisfaction…

I bleed Purple and Gold and after Saturday’s debacle in a rain trenched defeat my colors ran down my skin. Literally, the paint from my shoulders pads made me look like a Buddha who cries purple. As I left Husky Stadium with my head hung low I arrived at my car, plugged in my Ipod and put it on shuffle only to hear “I cant get no.. Satisfaction..” That is where we are in Husky Nation. A beautiful feeling last week to pure devastation the fallowing.

As I look at our upcoming schedule things aren’t looking any brighter for the Husky team that was supposed to wake us Nationally after a close to decade of slumber. The next three opponents are ranked and I’m sure we’ll be long shots in each of them. A bowl game looks distant with a should have won-loss. But even as I type these horribly depressing words and my brain is still recovering from the punishment of Everclear I regret so much I can’t help but ask you: WHO’S HOUSE?!?

Hold your heads up high Dawg Fans, raise your glasses with me, we are Husky Nation, We need to be there at every game, be our loudest and proud. Support Locker and his supporting cast because they need us now more than ever. I warn you Oregon State fans we will be vicious this next Saturday. It is a must win game and we will win this game. Time to drop a Woof Bomb. WOOF.

Stay away from Everclear beerbongs.

Shirley a DAWG

I’m more than disgusted with Oregon fans, bored with WSU fans, and am getting irritated with fans that live in California (and for you that live in Cali, ill be posting this in Spanish so you can read it). Thursday the Montlake Monsters pick up a heck of a recruit that goes by the name of Josh Shirley, a LB/DE that weighs in at 6’3″ 230 benches 355 and run a 4.5. But the catch is with this kid is that he kind of, maybe, just a little, perhaps have had something to do with stealing a purse.  This coming a day after the release of Middleton who was given the boot for smoking a little dope or crack or something they didn’t say but I’m sure it was one of the two.  So, ridiculously retarded fans from the rest of the PAC-10 like to chime in with comments that are simply, well, WSU’s standard of education. Comments like Oregon fans saying things like another criminal for UW. Oh, I’m sorry but obviously pot does affect the memory, how many Ducks were arrested this offseason? UCLA fans are talking about us getting their sloppy seconds, and I’ll post this in Spanish so UCLA fans will be able to read this: Slicko Ricko iso youro heado coacho (google translation rocks).

But the final conclusion is this Shirley will be skating on a thin line with Sark and Neuhweasel can’t afford the persona of recruiting nothing but thugs on his squad.  It truly is a win win for both teams. And i do have to end on this random note: You cant spell C-CK SUCKER with out O.