Oregon State Leftovers

After a week off, I am back to do a little dissecting of Washington’s big win against Oregon State. I was actually at Husky Stadium for the game, which was as exciting and loud as I can remember. The see-saw of emotions I had experienced was greater than a bi-polar Brittany Spears, from 21 point lead, to an Oregon State team that came roaring back to tie the game, to a 4th quarter that became a defensive slug fest, which finally led to a double overtime victory for the Washington Huskies. By the end of the game I had lost my voice and was physically exhausted, but happy beyond words. With a game that could have left me with vomit in my mouth, instead delivered a sweet satisfying flavor.

Quarterback– On this particular night, Jake was fairly sharp, throwing for 286 yards and 5 touchdowns. Locker’s judgement was not always spot on, as he threw for one interception and had two fumbles. On a night like that will have everyone forgetting his mistakes, as he was clutch in overtime and made some really special throws. Number 10 also finished the night with 60 yards rushing, which is probably where he should be for the Huskies to win

Wide Receivers– With exception to a few drops and a couple of false starts by James Johnson, the receiving core had a great night. Jermaine Kearse was particularly exceptional, with 9 catches for 146 yards and set a Husky record with 4 touchdowns. While Jermaine may have Kearsed the Beavers, everyone got into the act and D’Andre Goodwin had another solid night with 6 catches.

Running Backs– Chris Polk, who we may as well call Mr. YAC, had another special night with 25 carries for 105 yards, 74 of which came after contact. Jesse Callier also contributed with 20 yards on 5 carries. The running back position continues to be the most consistent position on the team and no disrespect to Mr. Locker, but Chris is easily the teams best player right now. I am really looking forward to Chris being able to gain more of his yards after contact in the secondary, as the offensive line continues to improve.

Offensive Line– This was a workmen’s like night for the big guys, as they did enough to open some holes for Chris Polk and held a stout defensive line from rattling Jack Locker too much. All was not perfect, as Jake Locker’s jersey was dirtied a couple of times and on a critical 4th and 1, the line had zero push and Chris Polk ended with a 3 yard loss. Also, a few penalties had stalled potential drives. But when the offense amasses 475 yards against a very good Beavers defense, the offensive line did something right.

Defensive Line– Even though Jacquizz Rodgers had 140 yards and three touchdowns, the defensive line had it’s best performance of the season. Hau’oli Jamora had a breakout game with a big sack of Ryan Katz and had a few tackles for loss. Also with a sack was Talia Chrichton. The d-line could have been more stout on the run, but the 147 yards allowed was their lowest output since the Syracuse game. Alameda Ta’amu had a decent game, but missed a sure quarterback sack at one point.

Linebackers– Mason Foster and company were everywhere on Saturday night and had played inspired football. Foster had twelve 12 tackles, Victor Aiyewa added another 7, and Cort Dennison had flashed in front of Joe Halahuni to break the tight-end’s concentration, who’s dropped pass sealed the game for the Huskies. The linebackers continue to be the backbone of Nick Holt’s defense, and will continue to be called upon all season long.

Secondary– A three interception performance, had the secondary playing very well on a cold night. Ryan Katz really wasn’t on his game, but the secondary took advantage and Nate Williams had 12 tackles to limit what Ryan could do in the air. James Rodgers, Katz’ biggest receiving weapon, was missing, which probably aided the Dawgs and in a tight game, his presence may have changed the outcome, but he wasn’t running in the secondary and the Huskies have added a W in the win column.

Special Teams– Punter, Kiel Rasp, had another great night with an average of 48 yards per kick, but Erik Folk missed a 45 yard field goal, which is uncommon, and the Dawgs were out gained in both the return and kick off game. Not a horrible night, but really nothing to talk about, which is probably a good thing.

Coaching– Other that  a few questionable calls and some puzzling clock management to end the second half, the coaches had a fantastic gameplan on both sides of the ball. Sarkisian had scripted a fantastic opening for Jake Locker and the offense to open a surprising 21-0 lead, but the wheels came off of the bus a bit, which helped let the Beavers back into the game. Sark did a good job of keeping the offense engaged enough until overtime and then life really sparked back into them. Nick Holt’s defense looked awfully good on Saturday, and may have finally found themselves. Will they continue to play solid ball? We’ll find out when the Dawgs play the Wildcats in Tucson this weekend. Overall, this was a well prepared team and both sides of the ball played well at the same time; something that has been rare this season.

The Huskies gained their first victory over the Oregon State Beavers in six years and this was the same team that had given the Dawgs their worst beat down of the season a year ago. Now they will have to duplicate this performance next week in order to upset a very good Arizona team. Without Nick Foles, Sarkisian’s squad may just have a chance.

  1. husky13836
    October 20, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    i have no real problem with clock management at the end of the game. throwing deep on the first play has worth a shot, but after that going conservative was fine. just imagine if we went three and out, punt and with little time they have the ball at mid field. and in hindsight overtime worked out!

    • October 20, 2010 at 7:10 pm

      I don’t mind the long pass, but after Locker’s run, it would have been beneficial to have gone in a hurry up to potentially preserve some clock for a field goal. Especially after the 4th quarter, I would have trusted the defense to continue to stiffen if any clock remained for the Beavers.

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