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Ramblings of a Husky Girl: Random Thoughts of the Week

Well, that was a miserable, ugly game. The defense did not make the plays they were supposed to make. The offense went away from the wonderful schemes we saw at SC and were held to a measly 14 points. We were missing a couple of key players and Jake looked lost. To add injury to insult, the rain was miserable and water-resistant does not actually mean water proof.

Lots of talk in Husky Nation this week. Here are some thoughts…..

On Jake Locker: This guy took a lot of heat this week, not only did his draft status go down, but many have demanded his benching in favor of Keith Price. My response to that is…Are you freaking kidding me?

Does everyone so quickly forget Cody Pickett? During his senior year he was obviously not playing par to his record setting junior year, and people were wondering why. Some wondered if a back-up could have done better. Then during a night game versus Oregon (One of my favorite games I’ve attended), Pickett gets hit and leaves the game early. Casey Paus comes in, runs the offense like he knows what he’s doing; throws two touchdown passes and his backs run for two more.

Coaches kept played Cody the rest of the season, but many were calling for Casey Paus to come in and relieve him, hoping that would give us an advantage or some more wins (last two games of the year were losses to UA and Cal). Come the end of the year, it is finally explained that he has a torn pectoral muscle and wasn’t playing at 100% for most of the year. After an off season of wondering why our back ups did not play, it was definitely revealed during the fiasco that was the next season.  

Jake was not where he was during the SC game (bruised thigh and flu), but he will start for the rest of the season. The coaches will play the best QB and that is Jake.  

PAC 12: Athletic Directors voted splitting the North and South divisions. The north division would consist of UW, WSU, OU, OSU, Cal, and Stanford. Southern division would be USC, UCLA, UA, ASU, Utah and Colorado. Every team would play the other five teams in their division, four from the rest of the conference on rotation and three out of conference teams.

Of course, this was all done to bring more money into the conference, but I cannot see many people that are very happy about it. Everyone in the northern division is pissed about being separated from the LA schools. Playing in LA gives exposure to schools that recruits would have not seen play and play on a national stage. The solution to this is rotating the schedule so that we play at least one LA school 4 out of every 6 years.

However, USC doesn’t like that either because it breaks traditional rivalries that they have with the other Cal schools. They want to play both northern Cal schools every year, thus leaving Washington and our other northern schools to not play in LA as often. http://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/ncf/news/story?id=5686274

Basically, this sucks. Whatever happens, unless the presidents do something drastic when they vote later this month, we are going to lose LA schools. What does that mean in the long tern? Not exactly sure. I do feel as though the northern division will be a little more competitive than the southern. Conference championship should be fun.

On playing OSU: It’s make or break time for the team. We are at the sixth game of the year and still need to win four of them to get to a bowl. I think they pull it out, play like a team, come up big and win by 4.

Go Dawgs.

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