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Joseph Gray: Mystery Man Revealed

For 2010, Washington Huskies head coach, Steve Sarkisian, had been spurned by high-profile high school quarterbacks Max Wittek, Cody Kessler, Marcus Mariota, and most recently, Brett Hundley, but now the Dawgs have their man in Dorsey High School quarterback, Joseph Gray. However, when Huskies fans first heard who was headed to Montlake for next year a collective, “Huh?,” could be heard. Recruiting services didn’t even have the most up to date information on this man of mystery; one site had him listed as 5’11”, another at 6′, and yet another at 6’1″. But Steve Sarkisian knew who he was, and once again, potential and not just stars is what he is looking for. “Our recruiting coordinator, Coach Isaac, had sent my tape out and Coach Sark came down to the Compton game.” And the two have known each other for a while. “I really have a good relationship with Coach Sark because when I was in the 9th grade before I transferred to Dorsey, I was at Inglewood High School and I went to a USC camp and had a nice little tight bond with him and spent the whole day with him, basically.”

With questions of his size swirling through recruiting forums, what is Joseph’s size? “Right now I’m at 6’2″ and 190. In spring when coach came to see me I was close to 6′, ya know, so I guess they just assumed, cause’ I’ve grown since March.” Now that Joseph’s surprise commitment has shed light onto who he is, recruiting sites everywhere will have to update their data bases.

What also has begun to grow is the list of teams that had begun to sniff around Joseph Gray before Steve Sarkisian came in and offered a scholarship. “No other schools had offered, but San Jose, Fresno State, Idaho, and Oregon State were interested.” It was only a matter of time before other programs would offer, so why did he jump the gun so soon? “That’s the dream school. I’ve been pretty much salivating for that offer because I have a really close friend, Matthew Lyons, who was telling me about this pretty cool place with a family environment, it’s an up and coming program, a program on the rise, and I feel like that’s something I want to be a part of.” Joseph is also looking forward to playing for the man who he had gotten to know since the 9th grade, in Coach Sark, “He’s a great coach, I’ve always wanted to play for him.”

Five games in the season, Dorsey High, led by Joseph Gray, finds themselves sitting at 5-0 and the only undefeated team in their league. “Our team is doing good, we’re 5-0. We’re basically on top. We are the only undefeated team in the city.” And being in a stacked division with Narbone, Taft, and Crenshaw, remaining undefeated will be a challenge. With players, such as, Antauwn Woods of Taft High, Gray claims that the best player that he has faced is Crenshaw’s DeAnthony Thomas. Being the division’s only undefeated team, one of the biggest reasons Dorsey’s success has been the play of Joseph who has 1300 yards, 13 touchdowns with only 3 interceptions. With numbers that come out to 260 yards a game and 2.6 touchdowns a game, Joseph has a lot to his game, but he also understands where he needs to improve. “My greatest strength is my arm strength and weakness, sometimes I throw the deep ball a little too much. I’m not bad throwing the deep ball, but coaches say I tend to throw it too much. Just gotta go through my progressions a little quicker, check it down, then let the receivers do their part.” And with a young man who is as dedicated to the game as he is, it will only be a matter of time before Gray corrects his mistakes. “On my spare time, uh, I watch football, I play football. Pretty much, I label myself a football nerd because I like to sit in the house and watch football, watch game tape. That’s all I like to do.”

With teammate, Matthew Lyons, also committed to the Dawgs, Sarkisian may not be done adding players from Dorsey, “He offered one of our receivers, Marvin Hall. He is pretty interested. I don’t think he will make a decision too quick.” But with a relationship that Joseph Gray describes as close, it may only be a matter of time before the speedy wide receiver, who runs a blazing 10.6 100, joins his fellow teammates.

While many fans may be concerned about this unheralded recruit joining the class of 2011, Joseph has a message for them, “You know, I saw some articles about losing Brett Hundley, don’t worry about any of that. Come and watch, follow my high school, follow me now.”

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